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Leadership Development Programmes

Principle 8 recognizes the need for organizations to identify, build and grow strong leaders to be strategically positioned and equipped to effectively lead themselves and others towards a clear vision while navigating a constantly changing landscape and professional environment. Our LDPs address a wide range of focus areas including effective communication, decision-making, effective delegation, succession planning, strategic thinking and influencing, conflict management and resilience building, transformatory leadership balanced with essential practical management skills. We work with you to develop and deliver solid, real-world and personalized leadership development programmes that motivate and inspire fresh leadership while giving participants practical tools to improve their leadership performance, immediately!

Emerging Managers

Principle 8 offers organizations, companies and individuals tailor-made skills building and professional coaching to turn great people into great managers! Why? Often people will be good at what they do or exhibit leadership potential or simply find themselves in charge of a team without quite knowing how to be a good manager. This usually requires a different set of skills and approaches that complement professional or technical skills. We work with such organizations and High-Potential individuals to ensure that such precious potential is developed and directed to ensure there are positive outcomes and achievement of goals.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is an emerging new area of leadership and personal development aimed at supporting individuals and teams to define, determine and achieve goals in various aspects of their careers and personal lives. More and more individuals are seeking out the services and support of personal Executive Coaches to enable them enhance their potential in the personal and professional arena by focusing on behavioral, perceptual and technical competencies.
Principle 8 offers professional individuals, leaders, managers, organization teams and staff members one-on-one Executive Coaching to set and attain goals, improve their performance, develop leadership skills, confidence and awareness and to do so in a highly individualized fashion, providing avenues to get to where one wants to be, exploring other perspectives and challenging individuals to think differently.