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Resource mobilization for organizational sustainability

Today’s non-profit and non-governmental organization needs to compete in a dynamic marketplace in order to remain relevant and resource-secure. Principle 8 works with local and international organizations to build their internal ability to position themselves to secure funding and develop self-sustaining mechanisms through strategic thinking, funding planning, contract management and network development. Using various approaches including mapping, strategy development, training, coaching and mentoring, we will help you get you from where you are to where you want to be!

Corporate Governance

Great organizations are steered by great Boards. The governing role of a well-constituted and active Board sets the foundation, defines the direction, and preserves the organization to fully and effectively deliver its mission. Principle 8 offers its support to both small and large organizations to establish strong boards based on principles of good governance, well-defined roles and responsibilities and a commitment to Board development and strengthening as well as performance management. Through guided discussions, strategic training sessions, evaluations, coaching and collaborative reviews, we will work with you to build a great Board!